Balustrades, Columns and Cornices

Les balustrades, colonnes et corniches chez Cerazur.

Balustrades, Columns and Cornices

Balustrades, Columns and Cornices

At Cerazur in Nice, you can find these three types of special pieces:

Balustrades :

Balustrades used as railings are raised to a height suitable for leaning on. They consist of a row of balusters that can be made of different materials. Natural stone models are ideally used on terraces, balconies or around swimming pools, but can also be found indoors. They provide added security to your living spaces.

Columns :

Natural stone columns are often accompanied by balustrades, but they can also serve as decorative elements for terrace construction. They come in many different formats and models that can be customized to your needs.

Cornices :

Finally, cornices are purely decorative elements that add a contemporary and refined finish to your living spaces. They provide an aesthetic transition between the wall and the ceiling and can be available in different patterns and colors.

All of these pieces can be custom-made in our Cerazur showrooms.