yellow antic pavers

yellow antic pavers

yellow antic pavers

With a dimension between 6 and 8 cm for a thickness between 3 and 5 cm, the yellow antic pavers are compact and elegant. Ideal for creating a path or a walkway, their size allows you to create contrast and movement to the area that will be covered with them.

Smooth, with an aged appearance and a refined off-white color, its slight asperities reveal an orange color on all sides of the stone. Each paver has a unique hue to give an old and harmonious effect.

A path with yellow antic pavers and its Mediterranean style creates a warm atmosphere with warm colors that highlight the authenticity of the stone.

Available in store or on order in your showroom in Nice, Cerazur Pierres du Monde.


Format : 5 to 8 cm

Thickness : 3 to 5 cm